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Artist Members are the key to the ACCC. Artists are divided into our four main categories, Art, Music, Dance/Theater and Literature, in alignment with our ACCC logo. Become an Artist Member today! If you’d like to add or edit your bio to your Artist listing, please email Thank you!

Art - Art Consortium of Carver CountyART MEMBERS

Ceramics and Clay

Ione Rolland and Ria Rolland of RiCreations

Oliver Clay Co PotteryOliver Clay Co
Oliver Clay Co. is owned and operated by Mark and Pam Braunwarth.  Mark began making wheel thrown and hand built pottery in 2005.  His creative and unique style provides a distinctive brand of functional pottery.  Pam’s background in decorative wall painting naturally lends itself to the decorative design in glazing clay.  Together they strive to create pottery that will lift your spirit and add beauty to your life…everyday. You can find our pottery at specific retail locations or at our studio in Waconia MN. Go to our website for full details.

Garden Art

Jule Rentz – Jules Loft

Born from a combined love of wild birds and the art of our natural world, I started Jules Loft.

We specialize in year round edible garden art for your visiting wild birds. All of our three dimensional designs are hand-made in the small village of Waconia, MN.

I use solid seed through & through, complimenting the designs using twigs & rocks to reflect the surrounding nature. Featuring Organic Hybrid Golden Safflower our designs are loved by all of your favorite songbirds. From Finches to Cardinals to Indigo Buntings our designs attract a vast variety of interesting colorful birds.

With fun names like The Golden Egg, Five Point Landing & Tree-O, they are unique gifts for birthdays, hostess, weddings, holidays …… Follow me on facebook.


Hand Weaving

Chiaki O'Brien of SAORI Free-Style Weaving Studio "FUN"

Chiaki O’Brien of SAORI Free-Style Weaving Studio “FUN”
Chiaki is a hand weaver and instructor. To see her work, read her blog and learn about upcoming events, please visit or call (952) 393-7985.


Nancy Froseth of The Golden Loon
Gold and sterling jewelry

Carla Gestach Beadwork

Lynn Heimkes

Ione Rolland of RiCreations

Cheryl Shohet

Kirsten Taylor

Illustration and Design

Michelle Eggan
Michelle Eggan ArtistHEART AT PLAY is the brainchild of Minneapolis based children’s artist and designer Michelle Eggan. She is creative in many ways, mixing different art materials, papers, pastels, paints, mediums, and natural fiber.  Michelle is inspired by nature and emotion, but mostly by the profound power of the imagination. Her creative world is nurtured by her relationships, animals, gardens, travel, folk art, inspiring artists Chagall, Klee and Matisse, beauty in all forms and the extraordinary joy of creating.

Michelle believes in always working to her highest creative potential.  She produces conceptual design, illustration, promotion design, mixed media, sculpted toys, puppetry, mobiles and paintings for herself and to touch the hearts of others through commissions and licensing.

Michelle Eggan’s work can be found in private collections, public art, pediatric hospital and clinic environments, children’s event promotion, children’s picture books, creative learning materials, toy sculpture, puppetry, giclee prints and greeting cards.

Betsy LePlatt Design & Illustration


Lake Pipin by Connie Ash

Lake Pipin by Connie Ash

Evan Abrahamson

Connie Ash, Oil Paintings – Connie has been painting with oil colors for the past 5 years. She mostly paints landscapes of places she has been or would like to visit. Visit her online gallary or connect with Ash Art on Facebook. (952) 657-4005.

Janet Brose

Kay Faust

Incongruent by artist Sarah Hanlon of Mill House Gallery and GiftsSara Hanlon of Mill House Gallery & Gifts
Three dimensional art on canvas. The talented Sara Hanlon works with mixed medium and sculpture techniques. Sara is the owner and resident artist of Mill House Gallery & Gifts in historic downtown Chaska.  Spending a lifetime of development, focusing on fundamentals of what makes art “good”, her art works have evolved well beyond the mainstream. “Good art has to say something” proclaims Sara. Learn more at Sara has been teaching ongoing art courses through ISD 112 Community Education – adult enrichment since 2002. She is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, holds a BFA and is a full time, professional visual artist. Mill House Gallery & Gifts (952) 556-8726

Jim Hansel Editions, Minnesota Artist and ACCC Member!

Jim Hansel – Jim Hansel Editions
Jim Hansel is one of America’s premier wildlife, nature and landscape artists. An eye condition has left him legally blind. In spite of his limited vision, he pursued his passion for painting and has become one of the most collected wildlife artists in the United States and Canada. View his online Gallary at

Lynx North StudioJ.R. Lince-Hopkins and Susan A Lince-Hopkins
Art inspired by landscapes, skyscapes and wildlife from Texas to Alaska and the Atlantic to the Pacific. Our Rock Pool Studio is in Austin/Dripping Springs, Texas and our Lynx North Studio is in Anchor Point, Alaska and Chaska, MN. View their paintings and incredible photography on

Kristian Johnson, Oil Painter

Richard Krogstad

Susan Lince

Carl Melichar
Wildlife Painter (952) 657-2323

Carl Melichar wildlife painter

Andrea Merboth

DJ & JK (Julienne) Rasmussen

Melanie Schumacher

Kathy Strahota
Lake Superior Rocks by Kathy Strahota from MayerKathy was encouraged by a friend to enter the Landscape Arboretum and ACCC sponsored exhibit “Artists of Carver County.” She studied several years at The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit , Michigan.  After not painting for almost 30 years, the opportunity arose to start painting once again.  The beauty of the North Shore of Lake Superior is her inspiration.

Visit the Reedy Gallery at the Arboretum (Sept/Oct 2012). You’ll be in awe of Kathy’s ability to transform 2-dimensional images into 3-dimensional ‘scapes.  “Birch Trees” reaches out to you. Certain your fingers will get wet, you’ll have to fight the temptation to touch the water in “Lake Superior Rocks.”

Suzanne Thiesfeld - Objects and Art from Carver, MNSuzanne Thiesfeld – Objects and Art
Just thirty three miles outside of Minneapolis and into the countryside of Minnesota, an artist works each day in a remodeled barn that used to house nine cows. With a passion for quaint and artful things, Suzanne makes individually crafted items that enhance your home. She believes that carefully designed products will stand the test of time. Suzanne, a painter at heart, works in oils and acrylics to produce beautiful paintings but also has a passion for vintage objects and likes to use them in her projects too. Suzanne studied in the BFA program at the University of Minnesota and studied classical realism at the Minnesota River School of Fine Art. Shop 501 in Chaska – Antiques and Unique Finds – See us on Facebook! View and shop at (952) 292-8479

Reid Thorpe Tamaracks

Reid Thorpe – Tamaracks

Reid Thorpe
Reid Thorpe was born and raised in southern Wisconsin. Reid attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he received a B.F.A. in Studio Art.  Reid then pursued his Art Education degree from the University of Minnesota. Reid has been a teacher for over ten years and has taught a wide variety of subjects. His main expertise lies within the two dimensional realm of drawing and painting.  Reid’s current works explore the idea of fragmented landscapes.  His primary subjects are based off the Midwest landscapes of Northern Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota, as well as the prairies of Minnesota, the Dakotas and Canada. Reid currently lives and works in Chaska, Minnesota.

Margaret Tran

Noel Van Tol, Acrylics


Joe & Georgia Kandiko, Photography, Painting and Mosiac Works

Shawn Leer

Christopher Marshall

Christopher Marshall
Graphic design 30+ Years, Fine art: Visual artist Digital and Photographic. To see Christopher Marshall’s work, please visit his profile on,  (952) 212-3171

Ruth Tremblay
Photographer 763-205-5566

Mosaic and Glasswork

Bailey Cahlander 

Rose Marie James

Lynn Pahl


Deb Zeller of Zeller Studio in Victoria MNDeb Zeller of Zeller Studios
Original art in bronze, stone, glass, paint, drawings and photography. Connect with Deb Zeller LinkedIn  Facebook


Audrey Sells

Kim Simenson

Woodworking, Iron and Stone

Leigh Hartert, Iron and Stone

Steve Klezer
Woodworking artist. Furniture and boxes.

Peter Sletten
Woodworking artist. Uses reclaimed materials for furniture and household items. One of most popular pieces is granite serving tray. Rocking chairs made from old barn timbers or trees that have fell down in a storm. Email me or call (612) 743-6898.

Music for the Arts Consortium of Carver County


Barb Hone of Barb's Bench Piano Lessons in Chaska MNBarb Hone
Piano lessons for beginners through competitive players, all ages and levels. Barb Hone is a member of the MMTA (MN Music Teachers’ Association) and offers 20 years of experience. Lessons are 30 minutes weekly in Chaska with no registration or recital fees. Scheduled performances are in February, May and December. If you’d like to learn to play the piano, call Barb Hone of Barb’s Bench at 952-443-2066 or visit

Todd McCormick
Live Piano Jazz for your private party, corporate event, wedding, and clubs and organizations. Private lessons for piano, brass and woodwind instruments.

Carolyn, Thomas and Annika Spargo
Music lessons for all ages and levels. Carolyn Spargo holds a Minnesota State Teaching license in Music Education K-12.  Carolyn is also a member of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) Minneapolis Music Teachers Forum (MMTF), and National Guild of Piano Teachers. Carolyn teaches piano and accordion. In addition to teaching, she regularly performs Swedish folk on accordion and fiddle with Versk Spelman, the family ensemble and founded the Nordic Music Festival in Waconia.

Annika Spargo has been teaching violin for over 6 years. She teaches orchestra in the Moundsview School District. Annika led a Swedish youth fiddle group for five years, making a CD and taking them to Sweden. She has also worked with District 112 Community Education in developing an elementary orchestra.  Annika is a member of the string quartet, Four Strings.  Annika teaches all levels and ages.

Thomas Spargo plays classical guitar and has been teaching for 5 years. He has also played professionally at weddings and the Swedish community. Thomas teaches all ages.

Lessons are 30 minute lessons, weekly. For more information, call Carolyn at 952-201-5480 or visit

Dance/Theater Arts Consortium of Carver CountyDANCE/THEATER MEMBERS


Literature - Arts Consortium of Carver County



Bill Baker

Janice Dunlap 

Angela Hunt

Barbara MacKinnon

Laurel Means, author can be reached at (952) 368-7053 or email

Dan O’Brien


Mary Husby

Sheri Preiss

Judith Shell

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